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Performance Marketing 2.0: Audience Targeting and Building a Database of Intent

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Performance Marketing 2.0: Audience Targeting and Building a Database of Intent

Across the digital landscape, advertisers increasingly have the ability to understand their customers not just by their online searches (e.g., I need “new running shoes”), but also by a rich pool of behavioral and demographic data. Audience-centric performance advertising combines the power of purchase intent with customer demographic and behavioral data. The result is dramatically improved search, social, and display ad performance.

Download your copy of Audience Targeting and Building a Database of Intent to learn:

  • How to combine CRM, web visits, social shares, offline and third party data to build a comprehensive audience view
  • How to amplify the performance of your search, social and display ads with audience data
  • Four distinct advantages audience-based strategies give advertisers, including smarter retargeting and audience-centric bidding

Download the informative guide today.